Thursday, 10 April 2008

Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships

The "Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships" is part 1 of a projected 7 part series detailing the entire Trojan war, from the causes and background of the war through to its conclusion.

This first installment begins with Paris as simple (if arrogant) cow herder who is discovered to be a prince of Troy presumed to have been murdered as a child. Shortly thereafter he is then sent on a mission to Achaea on behalf of the king of Troy, Priam, where he seduces Helen and takes her away.

From then on the book deals with Agamemnon's and Menelaus's efforts to raise the Achaean army in order to attack Troy, gain revenge and retrieve Helen, so we get to see the "madness" of Odysseus and the search for Achilles as well as other episodes from the Trojan War story.

I have to say I really loved this graphic novel, it doesn't rush head long in to the action but instead built up the story and characters. The author has also lovingly researched the material both from a mythical and historical perspective which I found very satisfying. Like I said this is only part 1 of the story, part 2 and half of part 3 are currently out with new editions appearing every few years so it's going to be long hard to wait before we can read it all.

For more, Salon have a very favourable review here.