Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Soldier of Sidon

I read Soldier of Sidon over the Easter break which is a sequel to the Soldier of the Mist books I read last year and reviewed here.

This time we find Latro in ancient Egypt still trying to find release from his curse of only remembering events from the previous 24 hours while simultaneously being capable of seeing and conversing with the gods and spirits.

Once again Wolfe has vividly recreated the ancient world and given voice and character to it's gods and demons. Latro is as sympathetic as ever and is helped and hindered by a large cast of supporting characters.

For me this was the most accessible of all the Latro books but from reading the reviews on Amazon not everyone agrees. Perhaps I just gave Latro his due respect by reading his words carefully and by not expecting any answers to be served up to me. One quibble is that the book does not so much end as in it drifts off with many questions left unanswered and with Latro himself setting off on a new quest. I assume this means there will be another, I certainly hope so.