Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tom Crean: Artic Explorer

Went to see Tom Crean: Artic Explorer last night at the Olympia and it was alright. Not as good as the reviews let me to believe, nor as funny (waaaay too much Oirsh humour for me) but still enjoyable and it effectively tells the story of this remarkable man.

I’m sorry to say however my overriding impression of the night was just how uncomfortable the seats are at the Olympia. Whoever runs the theatre should be ashamed of themselves! No wait, they should be made sit in the seats for 24 hours and if they can still walk afterwards made drink two litres of water and then forced to sit in them a further 24 hours. In a place where the tickets are priced at €35 the least I would expect are seats that are not falling apart and not so closely packed together that anyone over 5.2 is cramped in them. Note to self: avoid the Olympia.