Monday, 10 March 2008

For the love of God, EOS must go!

Eddie O’Sullivan should have been fired immediately after the world cup but instead he was allowed to inflict his dreary personality on Irish rugby for another 6 months and a disastrous 6 Nations. Yet again we can say that the tournament was there for the taking as all the teams are mediocre and under new management last Saturday’s game against Wales could have been a tournament decider. Instead Ireland, bizarrely, played 10 man rugby. I could hardly believe my eyes, Leinster and Munster consistently beat Welsh opposition in both the Celtic league and European Cup and yet O’Sullivan’s knees rattled at the sight of Gatland’s men. How depressing and emasculating for the Irish team for their manager to have so little faith in them. Contrast Italy’s brave performance against France yesterday which becomes even more glaring when you consider their drubbing at the hands of Wales two weeks ago. Italy did not hide from the game or play cynically, instead they went and played with passion, grit and a dash of hope, it was great to watch and it’s a pity that their endeavours have been so poorly rewarded. “You Reap What You Sow” is the old saying, well the IRFU sowed arrogant authoritarian gombeenism last October and now they are reaping it by the bushel load.