Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mary Beard on Prince Harry

Mary Beard is a historian with a blog on the London Times website that I happen to like and yesterday she posted about Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan and used it to segue onto Roman Emperor's sending their relatives off to war. The post itself is pretty interesting (if you like that sort of thing) and I gathered that Mary is not a fan of either Prince Harry or war. Whats interesting however is the bile in the comments section, it's amazing. Dare to criticise a stupid war or a prince and your lynched! I've posted one of the comments below which is typical of the lyncher's, many of them seem to have a problem with the fact that Mary is a woman who should really just shut up and bake something, others appear to be a bit misty eyed by the "fight for freedom". Of course freedom should never be used to express an opinion or criticise important people.

It's presumably this kind of 'sh*te' that Harry was talking about on his return from Afghanistan recently.

Only a dullard could write such a dithering piece as this.

He's done a good job and wants to go back. What is not to lke about it all? He's just a boy who lost his mum trying to grow up and do something positive.

Stick to making jam, Mary.