Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Ireland Vs Italy

The G-man and myself went along on Saturday to watch another uninspired performance by Ireland, this time against a very poor Italy. O'Sullivan showed once again just how stubborn he his by picking the same group of players who performed so poorly in the recent World Cup only this time he added insult to injury by stating he picked the players "on form". This total, utter and abject dishonesty really is beyond the pale ( I should know I live here). He did not on pick on form. Instead he picked the same clique of players he always does and sent them out to face Italy with a threadbare Plan A and no Plan B. I don't know how those guys can stand it? They all look miserable and listless. We know they can play, Munster is doing brilliantly in Europe while many of the players from Leinster and a few from Ulster have had excellent seasons. After watching the first three games I honestly think Ireland could actually win the competition, they have the players, but not the manager. The IRFU made a huge mistake not replacing O'Sullivan last October, this is yet another 6 Nations gone abegging.