Wednesday, 6 February 2008

£1.99 chicken

This is a disgrace! Tesco in the U.K. have slashed the price of a whole chicken to £1.99, the timing of this seems (to me) to be a riposte to Jamie Oliver's attempt to broaden awareness of the chicken industry to encourage consumers to be a little more ethical on the food they eat..

Tesco slashed the price of a whole chicken to £1.99 yesterday, in a move that critics warned would heap financial pressure on the poultry industry and make it harder to the improve welfare of factory-farmed animals.
Dr Lesley Lambert, the CIWF's director of research and education, said: "£1.99 doesn't reflect the real price of producing a chicken. At the moment, farmers make only 2p per chicken, so this will push them to the limit."