Monday, 25 February 2008

Banana Republic

[News Item]
Serving Prime Minister of XXXXXX has admitted to using party funds to buy a house for this then girlfriend Ms C in the early 1990's. Although he called it a loan the money was not repayed until 15 years later during an investigation of his tax affairs. Many of Prime Ministers cabinet and and party have stated they still support the man.
Does anyone seriously think that is XXXXXX= Gordon Brown that Grordon Brown would still be in office this morning?? Yet thats exactly the situation here in Ireland. Set XXXXXX = Bertie Ahern and we get the shoulder shrugs, the "Ah Sures" and various other cute whore euphemisms. The guy is corrupt, maybe not spectacularly corrupt, but corrupt none the less - it's and embarrassment that he is leader of this country!