Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Muslim worker refuses to sell 'unclean' Bible book

Ok, this story is from the Daily Express (I swear I wasn't reading it - a friend told me about it) anyway that well known religion-of-peace is at it again. This time a Muslim worker refuses to sell a children's Bible book because it's 'unclean'. Its rare a short sentence contains so many crazy ideas.

Lets start with the notion of a "children's bible book". You've got your cult indoctrination (start 'em young as the Jesuits say), your editing of the bible to tone down all that sex and violence (theres a lot off it in there) and the dressing up of myths as "truth".

Next we move onto the notion of "unclean". WTF! Excuse me by unclean would describe public toilets and certain jokes, but not books, animals or other people. How the hell did the notion that that we should respect this crazy shit get started!? It absolutely infuriates me.

Finally we have a Muslim woman so brainwashed that not only is she entirely satisfied with her second class status but she flaunts and wallows in it to the extent that a book can be unclean. And please, bear in mind, this woman lives in the UK - just where is she getting these notions? Its not the BBC I can assure you.