Wednesday, 23 January 2008

John Waters "attack" on bloggers

Speaking of wood pegs, I listened with much amusement as John Waters blamed the fall of western civilisation on bloggers while on this mornings breakfast show (Newstalk 106). The root of the problem seems to be that John google'd himself and discovered no one likes him and so he has chosen to lash out at the Internet in general and bloggers in particular.

It really was funny except for the fact Waters is constantly on radio and television here in Ireland which, for me, is a clear symptom of the utter stagnation in the Irish media. At the very least a disclaimer should be broadcast before he opens his mouth so that children and the impressionable can be shuffled out of the room to protect them from the non sequiturs and straw man attacks that form the basis of most of his uttering's.

He employed a new one today though when he equated the word "fact" with "what everyone knows", which is cool by me - "John Waters is a blustering wanker, everyone knows that - FACT!" (I win!). Anyway, have a listen and discover why the plebs (yes, you and me) should not have opinions and blog, instead we should view the world through the prism of the benevolent Irish media