Friday, 18 January 2008

Fascism Redefined

Strange. over the past week I have come across three separate cases of a redefinition of fascism. Fascism is the blending of state and corporate power to produce a totalitarian state whereby all interests are then subservient to the state. But, in what seems to be a coordinated spin, it is being redefined in the U.S. media as anything that could be called "social", be that health care, housing, environment or whatever. I suppose the oligarchy that runs the U.S. would naturally be against anything that involves working people organising and it seems they have taken the battle to the dictionary, after all, who would want to get involved in fascist activities?

This is why democracies need intelligent and informed citizens. It becomes so much easier to fool all the people when they are ignorant of even basic facts, never mind definitions.

I suppose I could just be paranoid, but have a look yourself and see. Thanks to Onegoodmove for the links.

Liberal fascism

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Sorry can't find the third link (I'm beginning to think it might be the same guy and I am paranoid)