Friday, 30 November 2007

Schizoid Nation

No More Mr. Nice Guy has a disturbing post about mental health care entitled Schizoid Nation (NMMNG kindly sent me the direct link) which is about how people can be just declared 'mentally ill' and literally locked away. I've read about this kind of thing recently but can't, for the life of me, remember where so I can't link to it or reference it correctly. In any case NNMNG post is well worth reading so here's a snipet to wet the appetite;

Early on, he (Al Siebert) witnesses a disturbing incident where a resident brow-beats a newly admitted patient: "You must accept that you're mentally ill before we can help you." The patient refuses to do so, and the resident gets increasingly angry and overbearing. Siebert is shocked to learn that this is a routine ritual with new patients; there's been no mention of it in his training. Some residents are unhappy with this practice but are threatened with being dropped from the program if they don't go along. So much for fostering curiosity and re-examination of conventional wisdom!