Monday, 5 November 2007

Rome Playing Politics

You have to admire the Roman Catholic Church, everything concerns them. From what your doing in your bedroom to international politics to the latest in science and technology they have an opinion on everything. And they're not shy about having the "wrong" opinion either, down on gays, down on women, not understanding abusing children is wrong and then covering it up, everything can be justified because (after all) they are "The Church". If the Pythons had come up with a skit involving a bunch of weird old virgins obsessed with sex, trying to tell everyone what to do it would have been a classic* but unfortunately truth _is_ stranger than fiction and thats exactly what's going on. A.C. Grayling has written about some of the latest goings on, this time in Spain Rome Playing Politics. Its depressingly familiar, why can't they just prerecord this stuff and bugger off into the sunset?

* strike that, its been done.