Friday, 30 November 2007

Just How Crazy Are They?

Well the answer is VERY! Yes, members of that well known religion of peace demonstrated in Khartoum today calling for the Execution(WTF!?) of Mrs Gibbons for calling a teddy bear Mohammad. Just how angry, twisted & repressed do you have to be to take part in (much less justify) this sort of crazy behaviour? And yet it happens at the drop of a hat in the muslim world - I once saw two scumbags go ape shit at a bus driver because he hold them they must fold up their buggey before boarding, at the time I marveled at their rage over something so insignificant and wondered just how crap their life must be? Is that the problem here? A deep seated anger and resentment? To be fair the doublethink required to be a muslim must be enormous, the infidel West & East are doing just fine thank you, while they have to pray 5 times a day (christ!) and be superior. Surely in the dead of night they must wonder have they got it wrong? To quote Ayaan Hirsi Ari
"In the Netherlands, I saw people we called infidels living an amazing life – men and women mixing, gay people being free, you could say whatever you wanted," she says. "Then I went back to the asylum-seekers' centre and almost everyone was from a Muslim country begging for the charity of these infidels. And I thought, 'If we're so superior, why are we begging from them?'"