Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I've blown an outrage fuse

More spooning at the top in Ireland.

10 mystery men where given around €300 million by Anglo Irish Bank to buy shares in that bank;
THE IDENTITY of the 10 investors who were given €300 million in loans by Anglo Irish Bank to support its share price last year has emerged as a key political issue with the Opposition intensifying pressure on the Government to justify the decision to nationalise the bank.
Anglo Irish Bank has now been nationalised by their buddies in Fianna Fail; So what's the story with those loan's?
It emerged last night that Anglo Irish has decided not to pursue the 10 investors for the €75 million in security they offered for the €300 million in loans from the bank, because of legal problems with the loan agreement. The bank will confirm it has written off the loans in its annual report, to be published on Friday.
Banana Republic's around the world must be shaking their heads in dismay at how badly Ireland has tarnished the bad reputation of "Banana Republic's".