Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ice Cream Ireland

Because I spend so much time on this blog just bitching about how crap everything is you might not know there are things I actually enjoy in life and one of them is cooking.

This Christmas my wife brought me an ice cream maker which necessitated the need for an ice cream recipe book and my google searches turned up a gem -The Murphy's Ice Cream Book of Sweet Things - written by two American brothers living here in Ireland who have set up their own ice cream business. The book is fantastic and many of the recipes from the book (and more) can be found on their blog which I browse to every week or so.

But here's the rant - Ben & Jerry have paid so that a search for “ice cream ireland” will display their site before/above as a “sponsored link".

It's a fairly petty thing to have done in my opinion (and the Murphy's) and I hope it fails and don't forget to check out their site if you like ice cream.