Monday, 24 September 2007

Going Out With A Whimper, Not A Scream

So Ireland lost to France on Friday night and what a depressing spectacle it was. The hoped for "backs to the wall" (miracle) performance never materialised as a nervous France brushed Ireland aside to reach the quarter finals. Now Ireland must beat Argentina by 4 tries and by more than 7 points to reach the next stage. Finally my heart has caught up with my brain, it will never happen. And to be honest I think it would be a travesty for Ireland to knock Argentina out of the competition. They've played well, we haven't. They deserve it, we don't. At times on Friday night I felt that I was watching an Irish team from the 90's, complete with bad kicking, no passing & no plan, but that would be unfair, at least in the 90's the lads had some pride.

I'm off to Cardiff on October 5th, likely to watch New Zealand vs France. I know its not Frances fault we've done badly, I don't care, I'll be shouting for the All Blacks.