Monday, 17 September 2007

Can a Burst Bubble Pop?

I wrote earlier of my disappointment at Irelands opening performance at the Rugby World Cup, but that feeling was nothing compared to how I felt after watching the travesty that is Irish rugby on Saturday night. The golden edifice I had built in my minds eye of world cup glory and joy came crashing down as Ireland squeaked past Georgia in a 14-10 "victory". As the rest of the rugby world surely willed Georgia on every Irish person could only watch in dread as the supposedly "best team we've ever had" turned our dreams to ashes. I actually caught myself gnawing my knuckles towards the end.

I suppose with the benefit of hindsight I was wrong to have such high hopes. Looking back at Irelands performances this year the writing was on the wall. I can see that Ireland have put in only two performances of note - England & Italy.

The France game can be deemed average as 'A' we lost and 'B' we didn't start playing until the game was 20 minutes old.

Against Wales, Scotland, Argentina, Argentina, Scotland, Italy we where poor and very lucky in those games that we managed to win.

Where Irish Rugby goes from here I don't know?
My bubble burst against Namibia, it evaporated after Georgia.