Friday, 5 June 2009

The City of Dreadful Night

I'm currently reading "A Fraction of the Whole" and really enjoying it. It's a little difficult to explain what its about (everything) but it does have plenty of references to philosophers, books and poets. A poet 'James Thomson' is mentioned more than once (whom I'd never heard off) and the book contains this expert from one of his poems. I really liked it so I'm posting the except here; The full poem is here, The City of Dreadful Night.

"Who is most wretched in this dolorous place?
I think myself; yet I would rather be
My miserable self than He, than He
Who formed such creatures to His own disgrace.

"The vilest thing must be less vile than Thou
From whom it had its being, God and Lord!
Creator of all woe and sin! abhorred
Malignant and implacable! I vow

"That not for all Thy power furled and unfurled,
For all the temples to Thy glory built,
Would I assume the ignominious guilt
Of having made such men in such a world."