Monday, 19 January 2009

Pirate retires

Oh wait! I ment chief executive of Bank Of Ireland retires..

Two things really stood out for me, one;

In a statement this morning, Mr Goggin said he was “very proud” of his 40-year career with the bank.

I suppose this is like Darth Vader being very proud of his service aboard the Death Star

and two;

Mr Burrows said the bank was “well-placed” due to the support of the Government through the guarantee scheme to “play a full part and in a wider context and to rebuild value for its stockholders”.

Even after the sucker Irish government bails out these guys their the primary focus is still on "stockholders"!? I realise the Irish state (AKA the Irish people) now owns a large part of the bank but this isn't due to clever financial wizardry on the part of the government, it's because (they claim) they had no choice.

So how about Mr Goggin if you got down on your hands and knees and begged forgiveness from the Irish people for your part in almost bankrupting the state?

How about admitting the the entire system you championed is hopelessly corrupt and should be discarded.

How about not retiring, but resigning - immediately?