Thursday, 2 October 2008


Like I mentioned a couple of months back my wife and I holidayed in Italy this year and our first stop was Naples.

Left me say that Naples does not create a good first impression. It's dirty, crowded and kinda sleezey looking which is why five years ago when we stayed for a week in nearby Sorrento we didn't once venture into Naples.

About a year ago however we had cause to regret this choice while watching Francesco de Mosta's program Italy: Top to Toe and so this year we made a point of spending a few days in Naples.

Naples is great. It has a raw energy and vibrancy I've rarely experienced anywhere else. We stayed in the historic center with its beautiful (rundown) buildings, narrow streets and crazy drivers. It's a meanderer's paradise as you can spend hours strolling around, seeing the sights and stopping off for coffee, ice cream or a glass of wine. We were only there for 3 days which just isn't enough but my two highlights were the National Museum and Naples Underground.

There are 3 things you probably should know about Naples,
1. It's not as dangerous as it looks (in fact we felt quite safe and didn't experience or see any crime)
2. Naples really does have the best pizza in the world
3. There is no roller coaster on earth that comes even close to getting a taxi though the historic center.
3a. The Napolise are incredibly friendly.

We'll definitely be back.