Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ireland, where failure is rewarded.

So the IRFU have opted for mediocrity. What a disappointment!

I honestly thought the IRFU where better than this. The best prepared Irish team has returned the worst result but the IRFU (Parton'esk) stands by their man while Eddie O'Sullivan trots out excuse after excuse and denies the extent of his/this failure.

At least the Welsh did something. It might have been harsh but it shows they are serious about winning. Not Ireland however, it seems, we are content to be 'also rans', a small country of cozy clubs and jobs for the boys where failure is rewarded and there are never any consequences.

Denis Leamey's body was the only thing separating Ireland from defeat in the match against Georgia. Even now I can hardly believe it! What exactly does it take to get them to admit its all gone wrong? Are they captains of the Titanic? Or maybe King Canutu's vainly ordering back the tides of reality. But perhaps the most apt is Don Quixote except they expected to fight windmills but instead met with dragons.