Monday, 1 October 2007

Ireland out of the Rugby World Cup

Well Ireland lost on Sunday. I wasn't surprised. All the hifalutin talk before the game of restoring pride, playing with passion, "doing it for Simon", rising to the occasion, etc, etc predictably turned out to be yet another blast of hot air. No doubt theres a formula out there to calculate just how much the Eddie O'Sullivan and the boys contributed to global warming over the past three weeks but I'm prepared to guess several polar bears have perished as a direct result of the fumes spewing forth from EOS, BOD et al.

Irish rugby has imploded and the question is "What now?". It could also be "Who Now?". The buck has got to stop with Eddie O'Sullivan. He failed. Spectacularly! He simply must go. But will he? O'Sullivan seemed genuinely surprised to be asked would he be resigning in the wake of Ireland's pitiful performance so we can hardly expect him to fall on his own sword. He'll have to be pushed, but have the IRFU got the stomach for it? Many of the pundits on radio and television seem to think he'll survive (by blaming everyone else) with only George Hook saying he won't. I hope Hookie is right. I would hate to see the IRFU fall to the standards of the FAI where expectations are low and mediocrity accepted.

The Irish Tribune has a article detailing with The Trouble with Eddie, its an interesting read. How on earth did this man get a contract extension before the world cup?