Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Unpatriotic Duty

I did my unpatriotic duty last weekend and went across the border to do some shopping with my wife and father in law. We did save money but it is hard to quantify just how much as we brought quite a lot (stocking up for Christmas and New Year you see). We decided to bypass Newry altogether because we knew it would be mobbed by southerners so we tripped on to Banbridge and Belfast. What surprised us was the number of like minded Irish we met, even here the were loads of republic reg'd cars.

We got talking to a few of the locals who shook their heads in disbelief at the influx of shoppers. If any one of them ever thought of heading south for a break they must now have put it firmly out of their minds, convinced the republic is both horrendously expensive (it is) and we are all complete alcoholics (somewhat true). I did my bit anyway by filling a trolley full of wine. One very pleasant surprise is the availability of English ales and bitters, I brought a few to sample and have been really impressed. They are definitely on my list for next time.

Of course the reaction from our political goat-herders has been laughable. Here's a quote from todays Irish Times;
[Dublin Lord Mayor Eibhlin]Byrne insists there is good value to be had in Dublin and suggests consumers taper their ambitions for Christmas rather than spending outside the jurisdiction. "If you can buy 12 bottles of wine in Belfast for a certain price, why not settle for 10 bottles of the same in Dublin?"
10 is just as good as 12. Stop being so ambitious people! 10 will do you, 12 is too much. Haven't you 10 fingers on your hand?

It really is no wonder the country is falling apart....