Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lisbon Treaty Threats

Well the referendum date for the Lisbon Treaty roles closer and so the threats and insults are coming thick and fast from the YES camp. Bertie got the ball rolling last week when he announced;

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has told an audience in the United States that it would be an "act of lunacy" for Ireland to reject the Lisbon Treaty.

carefully forgetting that French and Dutch lunatics had already rejected this treaty two years ago.

Most of the threats are prophecy's of Economic Armageddon which involve all of us reverting to a pre-famine economic state. Anyone curious to see just how bad it could get should refer to the newly minted French and Dutch peasant class who lost everything two years ago and now live in corrugated iron shanty towns on the slopes of the Dutch cheese mountains overlooking the French wines lakes!

Of course if all this isn't enough to reduce you to quivering submission causing you to to beg for the chance to vote YES, don't forget that voting NO will reduce us to pariah status ensuring we won't get invited to all the best parties where the next Holocaust will be planned in our absence.