Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Wanna buy some faith?

The bare faced gall of the churches in this country always maddens and amuses me. The Catholic Church in particular had a lock on this place for over 60 years and it was a shit hole. In the past 15 years people have begun to move away from organised superstition and the place has improved no end. This doesn't stop the religious corporations from crying wolf and pretending we have 'lost' something and that something being 'faith'. It's a happy coincidence then that that's exactly what the Churches sell and (much like Blackadders wine) they have an unlimited supply.


Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops in Co Monaghan have joined forces to criticise increasing secularism in Irish society.

The Catholic bishop of Clogher, Dr Joseph Duffy, and his Church of Ireland counterpart, Bishop Michael Jackson, say Irish people need to reassess their values and Christmas provides an opportunity to do so.

They claim society has suffered due to a slide towards secularism and there is currently great anxiety about a loss of the sacred.

Appealing for greater care on the roads and a more responsible attitude to alcohol, they are also calling for more neighbourliness and greater value to be placed on voluntary effort.